Icelandic Rams


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Look at that horn clearance at 10 months!

Check out the stocky confirmation as a ram lamb.

Aslan at 5 months in full fall lamb fleece


Now look at him as the head of the flock at 17 months!
This was taken a year ago at the beginning of breeding season.  The black marks on each side of his nose are from rubbing up against our black board fence trying to sniff our ewes to see who was ready to be bred.


Here he is this January (2001) at 2 1/2.  He is aggressive towards other rams that challenge him as head ram but is caring of his ewes and still likes to get rubbed under the chin.
Here is Aslan March of 2001, covered in hay stubble after a rain storm.  His fleece is abundant and lustrous.









"Aslan"- BLW-H137, born 4/21/1998, white, twin, big strong wide-flaring horns.  He is the head of the flock.  He has a very assertive style but will still come up to you to get petted under his chin.  He carries moorit and solid as a pattern.   His sire is "Big Horn" BLW-F08, a terrific ram from Jager Farm Icelandics and like his dad is big and square.

To the best that we can tell Aslan's genetic make up is as follows: 

Color: Black Black or Moorit
Pattern: White  Solid
Spotting: No ?

Dam: STS-45A "Shy Girl", white, horn, single. Big deep body, shy and alert, silky fleece. Twinned as a lamb, now at 171%, excellent mother.   Carries gray as a pattern as Aslan's twin brother was gray/black.  Because Aslan is White, it means that he got White as the pattern gene from his mother.

Sire: BLW-F08 "Big Horn", black, horn, twin, carries moorit. Big, square ram, deep-chested and long-backed. Big curling horns, untrimmed. Aggressive, though not to people. He has jet blue/black fleece.  Because Big Horn is solid black, he had to pass Solid as his pattern gene to Aslan.


We cant say enough about the quality of Aslan's lambs as they tend to inherit his nice horns and the rams tend to have a high libido without being aggressive with the ewes which is what you want in a ram.  If you are interested in the offspring of any of our ewes let us know and we will let you know who we are breeding to Aslan!  We will then send you info and pictures of the lambs.